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Bryce Dean's picture

Downhill Biking

I took a couple of these testing out a new strobe I got. What do you guys think?

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Joakim Drake's picture

I think they're awesome. I love the action you've cought. The first one is my favourite, although it would have been even better if you didn't have the gradation (shutter sync speed?).

Bryce Dean's picture

Thanks and it was the shutter sync speed. It was my first shot with the strobe and i completely forgot about the sync speed and had my camera set to 1/640th of a sec.

Carl van den Boom's picture

Indeed they first 1 is the coolest. Is it graduated because of the shutter sync speed or was the flash cut off by an obstacle? It would be a better shot with the rider completely lit. The second one has really nice ambient light in the background and great action much like the first one.

Jeffrey Fortuna's picture

Shot #1 has the sun bursting and some great flare but I don't like the rider looking into the camera, Ideally he'd be focused on the trail, looks like he's worried about running into you. Also there is a cutoff of your fill light.
Shot #2 is great but as a rider myslef it's looks a little too forced.
Shot #3 is my favorite, I love the motion and speed and the fill light is very natural looking.

That location looks killer, keep up the great work!

Stage Eye Photography's picture

Nice Photos !!