This old lady was a little shy when I tried to capture her photo. It took me a while to persuade her to pose for me.


I thought of cropping the left corner of the frame (the half man), but I didn't- tell me what you thing about it ? Its...
Last: March 2, 2021

Does it tell a story?

Sometimes my images seem to tell stories that may or may not be what is happening. I think this one insinuates a...
Last: March 2, 2021

Happy to be with you

Candid shot of a lovely couple in an old district of İstanbul named Balat. Their look and smiling faces seemed to me...

All the world’s a stage

I and my friends met him by chance in Balat district of İstanbul and saw that this gentleman poses like an actor...

Union Station and Thereabout

These three photographs were taken in Washington D.C. for my undergraduate photography class. I welcome your critique.

Room for a little humor?

While editing out the license plate number for the owners privacy's sake, decided to make a fun sub-edit (photo #1) and...

The Face Of The Crowd

We see them every day in thousands, all around us, yet we ignore them. - The people who form the working class of...

One night in Hyderabad

so many photo opportunities in this diverse environment
Last: February 7, 2021

Summer 2020

Juneteenth COVID-19 cases were rising fast in the Nashville community creating a dilemma between self-confinement and...

Glass of wine

Elder woman In a deep thoughts sits in a restaurant in front of an empty wine glass. London, UK
Last: November 28, 2020

Prone to wander

I’m just a rookie looking for some helpful advice. Anyone have any ideas about how I could have improved this image in...
Last: November 28, 2020

5 O clock shadow (first post)

Hi Guys, A little bit about me: I'm a street/landscape photographer based out of Vancouver Canada. I've started...

Scary Halloween yard decor

Scary and funny Halloween decor in a yard in Keene NH

Pandemic Messages on a tree

Colorful sign with a message on a tree in southern NH

Voting Skeleton Reminder

A Neon skeleton in a small town southern NH town window reminding others to vote. And a little Halloween vibe

The Halloween Lady

I don't know the people who live here, but I visit their house every Halloween. They go all out! This year, because of...