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David Lugmayr's picture

Fabio Wibmer

Hey Guys! I`m David from Austria. Last October i did a Shooting woth the austrian trail biker Fabio Wibmer. Here are some shots of that series.
Tell me what do you think about!

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Bryce Dean's picture

I love the depth of field and the lighting on these photos! Epic photos!

Carl van den Boom's picture

Super nice contrasting colours and use of the red as well.

Ryan Ooi Tze Han's picture

2nd one is my favourite. amazing job overall

Hannu Piirainen's picture

Nice to see this stuff here. I have seen the videos where Fabio Wibmer is riding. Good use of color, composition and action to make the subject pop out.

Chris Johnson's picture

Great shots, lighting and composition is spot on.
I have to point out the timing on the second picture, as a bike rider it is just driving me crazy. I would have have shot a bit later once when the bike is further around.
But that is just me, please do not take this the wrong way.