Yellow Bug

I'm new to macro photography. This little yellow fly was probably 1/2 the size of your pinky nail. I couldn't even tell...


Love Macro and how it brings a whole new world out that so few see.

Bee One Bomber

Stacked......30@.468mm Mortuus Insecta

New Landscape

Here's a new addition to my collection of macro "landscapes." My goal is to introduce the viewer to the wonderful alien...

Miniature Landscape

If you look at my page, you'll see what I'm after. I want to make macro shots look like otherworldly landscapes you can...

sundew (and a near miss)

this little insect eating plant was about 3cm across the pic is a composite of about 20 stacked using helicon they're a...

New to Fstoppers

Love macro and have been shooting for quite a while. Great to meet you all.

Hasta Forest

I'm brand new to macro photography. Recently got a Laowa 15mm macro lens. It's really fun to play around with. This is...

Does this count as macro?

Tried shooting with a tele lens but am super enthusiastic about learning macro and planning to purchase a lens soon.

Tangled Webs

This photo isn't quite in focus, but i really liked the way the colors came out. Also, new to the world of macro, so...

Coming in for a strafing run...................

Canon 5d2 w/MP-E65mm set at 4x, f/5.6, ISO100, 1/200". Two speedlites. Top lite 1/28, camera left 1/32 power. 156...


Anyone attempt to show a "macro world?" My body of work is based on this, but it's a never ending challenge and can...

Laowa 25mm Unedited Photo

This lens is amazing. Bees are really cool too.

Dragonfly on Leaf

It's not often that insects cooperate, but this dragonfly didn't seem to mind that his picture was being taken. Nikon...

Empty Stamen Head

Pollen already released by stamen head

Vibrations of a spring

I noticed tiny vibrations in a small spring and thought that I'd attempt to capture the movement rather than taking a...

Spring flowers

I decided to try this for fun using a small spring.

Crab spiders on flower

Canon 7D, Canon 60mm macro lens and Canon ring flash. f/8, 1/80th sec, ISO 100

Critique my attempts at macro

In Melbourne we have been in lockdown for the past few months. We are confined to a 5km radius from out home (unless...

Bumble bee piercing a bee

This interesting behavior was recently described by members of my lab at the ETH in Zurich. Bumble bees damage leaf...