A little space needle perspective B&W style

Taken with my Nikon Z7, Tamron 17-35. F/9, 1/320th of a sec. 24mm
Last: March 2, 2021


Tromsdalen Church, also known as Ishavskatedralen (The Arctic Cathedral) was dedicated on November 19, 1965. Architect...

Story of a Day

a Timelapse in one picture Presenting Abu Dhabi, capital of UAE Shot with Canon 5DsR + Canon 45mm TS-e lens...though...

Have you been to the Grand Mosque yet?

Images of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi UAE it has a very unique architecture and look, when you go there you...
Last: February 16, 2021

One night in Amsterdam

trying to capturing the essence of this old historic tourism town
Last: February 14, 2021

Dubai skies

Made a few shots in Dubai before COVID. What do you think about the sky? EOS R · 16-35mm f/4L IS USM 16mm · f/11.0 · 1/...
Last: February 12, 2021


1h in Rotterdam. comments/critique welcome on the "B&W" / composition/mood conversion

Big D at sunset

Dallas, TX PS: please ignore the Bank of America building ( the tall one in the photo) as its apparently a national key...
Last: February 10, 2021

Epic sunrise over Dallas,TX

persistence pays off - multiple mornings rushing out to the spot for just 20 secs of amazing light
Last: February 7, 2021


life oscillating between home and office

Seattle by night

any tips/tips/suggestions welcome!

London cityscape

Tower of London taken from Tower Bridge

Covering over the city

Each year, this place always gives me something new. After spending more than six months in this place, trying all...

Glasgow Transport Museum

It was a very cold November day (below Freezing) in Glasgow with almost no wind. I was visiting a friend's elderly...

Downtown in Keene NH

Out on the streets in the City of Keene NH in late fall

Rise of the Resistance

This photo is not strictly cityscape, but I figured it was the closest genre to this particular shot, so I hope you all...
Last: January 13, 2021

A Honey Sunrise to a White Fog

Winter is a dream for shooting.. probably too cold for anything else, but its definitely enjoyable for photography. its...
Last: January 10, 2021