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Seikh Zayed Grand Mosque at Sunset

I visited this mosque like every other tourist when I visited the United Arab Emirates. I went during the day and it was quite amazing. Photography wasn't the goal of this trip so I wasn't timing my shots for perfect photos. A few days later, while I was still in the UAE, I came across some sunset photos of the mosque and was blown away how gorgeous it gets. I made it a point to go back around sunset and took this shot.

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Mauro Caviezel's picture

good choice to go back at sunset.....rewarded with a beautiful shot

Ara H.'s picture

Thank you! It did indeed pay off as I'm happy the way it turned out!

Saajan Manuvel's picture

Very good, I think one of the best color and composition I saw on the net.

Ara H.'s picture

Thanks Saajan for your appreciation and kind words. Took a quick look and your work is very inspiring, which makes me appreciate your comment even more :)

Vijay Mewada's picture

Hi Ara H. Absolutely amazing symmetrical frame. and good colour pallet as well. Would you consider having any scaling element? that may help in providing interesting and intensional break in the monotony ?

Paolo Ruggeri's picture

Hi Ara I want to say that I love this photos!! I think is the best shot I ever seen!
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