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Sydney sunset - exposure blend with luminosity masks

I know, this picture has been taken - literally - a million times*.

But it was my first serious attempt at exposure blending, I learned a lot about luminosity masks and how to plan my next shot. I also like this image because most photos of the Sydney opera house during sunset are ridiculously overcooked. Restraint is my new photoshop skill 😉.

Is it just me or is exposure blending in cityscapes more difficult because the tones don't flow into each other like they do in most landscapes? I tried to make sure that the sails of the building are the brightest and thus focal point of the image with a little counterpoint for balance with the lit pylon across the bridge.

Feedback on colours and composition are most welcome.

*For those who don't know, it's taken from Mrs Macquaries Chair with a 50mm lens, that's a 10-minute walk from the harbour and the opera house.

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