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Georg Witting's picture

Sydney sunrise - ND filter panorama stitch

My lockdown activity: practice landscape photography within the 5 km radius I'm allowed to move around in. Sunrise over Blackwattle Bay in Sydney.

Panorama stitched together, taken with ND8 filter and 13-sec exposure / f8 / ISO 64

Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Ataullah Khan's picture

Beautifully Composed.

Maurie Hill's picture

Beautiful image. You guys are having a rough time at the moment, stay safe.

Tom Kinkel's picture

Living in Melbourne I have the same issue , very nice scenery and image to keep you happy for the lockdown duration .I wouldn't change a thing as far a comments go !

Dean Frate's picture

Beautiful. Love the fire reds in the locked down city transitioning to the cool blues escaping over the bridge. Kind of a commentary of it's own. This should be a highly sought after image for publication stories.