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Sakti Foto's picture

Long Exposure Selfie?

That's me on that photo. After I take a couple shots of the boat that morning, I just can't help it not to take a selfie. :D

Opinion guys

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Alan Brown's picture

Wonderful image all round Sakti. How long was the exposure?

I'm surprised there are no signs of ripples after you wading out there (did you wait, use a remote control?)

Sakti Foto's picture

Thank you, Alan. This is 20 second exposure.

I am using time-lapse app on my Sony NEX 5T. It's like intervalometer app. I try my best to steady as I can during the exposure. Unfortunately, I still move my head a little bit. So, in post-processing I clone-stamped the blurry edges

Pedro Pimenta's picture

great mood with all the colors blending nicely. great shot Sakti.

Sakti Foto's picture

Thank you very much, Pedro Pimenta

Chester Wade's picture

Frozen in time...this is Beautiful!!! Sakti Foto

Sakti Foto's picture

Thank you thank you, Chester Wade