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Sunset at Lofoten

This image of Lofoten best represents how I had imagined Norway to be like before actually visiting. I had imagined - Ice capped mountains, Artic blue seas and amazing Sunsets !

This is a recent edit and I seem to be drifting towards a darker moodier look in my post processing. Would love to hear from the community on what works and doesn't .....

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Josh Sanders's picture

Well done Sandeep, beautiful image! I love the mood.

In terms of suggestions, I think some of the foreground isn't as interesting as other parts of the image, but you've successfully de-emphasized it by darkening it down (maybe a little too much?). I think the light is good, but not great. The sky is beautiful, but it's maybe lacking some dynamic light on the landscape--particularly on the main mountain. Perhaps with a little dodging and burning you could bring out some of the areas that are getting some indirect light. Doing the same for some of the colorful trees in the foreground might help them "pop" a bit too, but not sure if that's your style.

Again, great work, and this is really making me want to travel while I'm stuck at home!

Kevin Gilligan's picture

Gorgeous. Love the feeling.