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Melanie LeDuc's picture

Practicing Long Exposure Waterfalls

The other day at Snoqualmie Falls in WA, working on soft, dreamy water in daylight using ND filters and tips picked up from PTW1. I took advice to use a slower shutter and am really happy with how the water looks, but feedback and constructive criticism are always appreciated!

Canon 80D and 24mm f/2.8
ISO 100
2 sec exposure w/ layered 6-stop and 3-stop ND filters

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Robert Tran's picture

Look and feel of water is so subjective, however, I like what you've done with the scene. The mist and soft water work well with the rainbow for me.

Only adjustment I would have made, is compositional. If I frame to including the top of the falls, I like to give a little more breathing room. Otherwise, I might compose with half of the falls to highlight something cool in the foreground.