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Trevor Parker's picture

Lines in the Rocks (cropped vs uncropped)

An interesting stretch of leading lines that I stumbled upon during blue hour. I decided to do a long exposure to smooth the water and exaggerate the leading lines in comparison to the smooth background.

I've done one version with the cropping out of the camera, and another with a bit of a crop to zoom in on the rocks and put the tip of the leading lines on the third of the frame.

Which do you prefer?

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Robert Tran's picture

Dude, love that the rock at the end looks like a camera pointing back at you...but, where's the windsurfer? J/K - cool mood. I prefer #2

Trevor Parker's picture

Haha thanks man! I do wonder what the stone at the end actually used to be. All of these rocks came from destroyed buildings from an old hurricane.

And I actually did get a few shots of a wind surfer passing by this spot lol. But unfortunately as the light was changing so fast I couldn't quite get the right settings to get him sharp and in focus (those guys zip by pretty quick). Here's one of the original photos of him doing a little flip.

Scott Steinson's picture