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Robert Johnson's picture

"I See Through You"

Whats up guys, I'm Rob and I love shooting Long Exposure Self Portraits ( L.E.S.P.) at night. I primarily use masks in my work for whatever reason. When starting out with this type of photography i would literally stand as still as possible for half of the duration of a shot. Some exposures would be 30 secs and I'd be standing there for 15 secs or so. I loved how the image would look, minus the slight blurs from my body moving. As time went on and I progressed with this style I started incorporating OCF with my LESP photos, and since then they come out a ton sharper. All my LESP photos are only one image. I do not stack my LESP images. Whats your idea of stacking multiple images to create a photo? I personally don't do it a ton, but I do love some of the work people put out with it!

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Bruce Grant's picture

I really like these! I was going to say your transparency is a little too ghostly but since your title is "I See Through You" well that's the point. Like the choice of locations with the mask selections, they seem to complement eaach other well.

Personally, I try to do everything in camera. I may do stacking on some landscapes but not too often. I've done a few LESPs and can relate to the motion blur - some have come out pretty good but can be improved. You've inspired me to try again. Thanks!

Well done!

Robert Johnson's picture

That's awesome and makes me feel great to know I inspired you!! Just keep doing it and before you know it, you will have it locked down!! Im not totally set on the image stacking as well as before mentioned. I like to push the absolute limits of the camera and see what I can do!!

Hanaa Turkistani's picture

creative photo luv them all

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These are so cool! Very well done.

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Great effect. What is OCF?

Bruce Grant's picture

Off Camera Flash

William Hunter's picture

Thanks. I don't own a flash so it never occurred to me .

Bruce Grant's picture

You're welcome. I saw your nature portfolio and took a guess 👍