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Roseli Vieira's picture

Feed Back Please!

Would any one out there care to give me some feed back on this image? This is our new airport, LF Wade International here in Bermuda. Long exposure of about 30 secs. I am hoping to do more long exposure photography .
I would really appreciate the feed back.


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Dusty Cooper's picture

Very pretty. I like the effect on the water. May be more dynamic with an interesting sky instead of the black.

Roseli Vieira's picture

Thanks so much for the feed back! Had not thought to go back at sun set or sunrise!! I will be heading back out there soon!! Thanks again!!

Chris Fowler's picture

I like it! The vertical lines of light remind me of the lines on a graph, very cool. I second what Dusty said though, could this angle be attempted at sunset/sunrise or blue hour?

Roseli Vieira's picture

Thank you Chris for the feed back!! I will definetly be heading back out there for a sunset/sunrise shoot!! Again, I'm very grateful for the feed back!!

Gerry Frederick's picture

Great photo well done. I think if this photo was mine I may have crop it a little closer, bring the colours closer to the edge. Nice work

Eric Zaal's picture

I love the colors. I think Gerry has a point with cropping the edges. I might also try playing around with the idea of putting the milky way behind it. Nicely done!

Roseli Vieira's picture

Hey!!! The milky way behind it!!!? Wow! what a great idea!!!! I will give it a try!!!