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I ka wā ma mua, i ka wā ma hope

The beginning of Milky Way season! Here in Hawai’i we can capture all past, present, and future. Mo’olelo or stories helps us preserve the knowledge learned from our ancestors past and in today’s time. Genealogy, history, tradition and so on, are all portrayed in Mo’olelo. By knowing this we can sit anywhere and tie ourselves to the past and see how we will go forward into the future.
2021/2/12 5:26am
I ka wā ma mua, i ka wā ma hope.

Translates as “in the time before, in the time after,” this ōlelo no‘eau tells us that the future is in the past, or that learning from the past can guide the future.

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Chris Fowler's picture

I don't know if this is a single [long] exposure or a composite, but the end result is stunning.

Cody Yamaguchi's picture

it's a panoramic so 8 shots put together. thank you.