Aurora Borealis

Well, I said I'd be back with more visual treats, and here I am! This was a result of 5 hours of interval shooting I...

Trail of Fire II

Hey guys, this is my second attempt at a shot I took in may of 2019 and I am looking to get your opinions on the image...

Canyon River Sunset - Critique Me?

I am trying to do more work with long exposure. This was I believe my first real success at getting a long exposure...


On December 19, 2018, the captain of the dry cargo ship Natalia called for help at 04.30. The ship drifted to the shore...

Vertical Milky Way

The Milky Way framed within a break in the treeline.

What is Missing?

Hello everyone, I've been toying around with this photo lately and I keep thinking something is missing. I can't quite...

Chicago downtown between

Chicago downtown between

Somewhere Around Town

This is a park I visit often. It's near downtown with a view of the skyline, lots of trees and a nice little pond. Lots...

Steel wool spinning

First time ever going out and trying this


Serene evening by the beach. Setting sun and all peace.

the pathway of doom

this is my first time using nd filters

Downtown L.A.

This photo expresses the energy and pulse of L.A.'s nightlife.

My take on the ‘Drone Halo’ shot

Almost everyone I know who has a drone has had a go at using it to light paint a landmark, usually by programming a...

The Rainbow Houses

Hi guys, I am a new member since a few days and I want to share with you this image taken in Houten in the Netherlands...

Three sides

Photo made with mixed lighting in studio on long exposure

Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope

Nothing special to say, it is just beautiful. I was lucky to catch shot with partially cleared sky in the winter.

On The Lake

Long exposure at one of my favorite lakes.

Rockets Red Glare

Shooting fireworks for the first time with my Nikon D3400 and the 18-55mm kit lens. ISO 100 @ f/5.0 and 2 sec. exposure

Car trails and sunset

These are my first attempts at blending car trails into sunset shots. I'm honestly not too happy with the arch one as...

Steel Wool

After seeing so many images like this I decided to try my hand at it. With fire retardant clothing and an extinguisher...