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Barbara - Fine Art Portrait Photographer

Hi My name is Barbara MacFerrin and I'm a professional photographer based in Colorado. My specialty is the fine art portrait of children and families. I shoot with Nikon D750 with either 50mm or 85mm lens. Looking forward to seeing everyone's work!

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Old painterly very nice soft and dramatic, I am starting up in the fall and will be using the same setup. I'm currently looking into lighting .....any recommendations?

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I mainly use one 60" octa and a vflat on the opposite side for fill. I used the Flashpoint Xplor 600

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Beautiful photos! Look almost perfectly like paintings, I love them

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Wow! Awesome work!

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Those are great! I am curious how you did the lighting.

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I primarily use one light in 60" octa then a white v flat for fill on opposite side.

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I like your portraits. The eyes on second pic look like you use medium format. Well done!

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I wished I had a medium format! :D

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Beautiful work.

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The second one is my favorite.

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wow, very impressive. such a unique style.

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very inspiring and beautiful work Barbara. I wonder what was your lighting setup in photo#2.

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Thank you! That one was lit with one light in a 60" octa camera left. This is my setup in the majority of my work.