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Yellow chair session

I was shooting on a dance gala in the Gösserhalle Vienna, and we found this yellow chair in the next room. After the gala, we improvised a little session for the dancers. (that's why they don't have proper shoes on). Shot with Nikon D810, on 85mm F1.4 1/1600 sec, with one flash and 34 inch parabola softbox.

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Hector Reyes's picture

Well done! Third images particularly strong!

Mike Young's picture

I really like the second. I think that the composition of model relaxed across a formal piece of furniture is appealing. Very nice colouring, clarity and light. Flash creates some nice highlights and shadows.

John Lowry's picture

I love the palette and how the models are posed with the chair.

greg thomason's picture

Very cool concept and execution!