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I'd like to hear some of the comments and opinions on this natural light portrait.
I didn't want to remove too much of the natural skin texture of the model

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I would not have posed her hand like that, fist/clenched showing the back of the hand. It can look like she has no fingers, or a self uppercut, or in this case, she only has 2 fingers and they’re dangling. An option is to have her turn her hand counter-clockwise as if she was turning the ignition on her car.

If you have to have hands on the face, have them just barely touching the face. Don’t put pressure. On this image, the left side of her jaw is awkwardly and unflatteringly distorted. Looks like a freeze-frame of someone getting punched in the face.

As far as retouching, I’d do some dodge/burn to clean up or smoothen the light to dark transitions and lighten the dark circles under her eyes.