La saison des figues

Une fin d'après-midi ensoleillée, par la fenêtre de la cuisine quelques figues bien mures. Photo réalisée dans mon...

Rainbow pencil

Another shot in studio! Made time ago! What do you think?


Hey everyone, I'm Leon Kolenda I'm so surprised how there are not many members in this group, Still-Life is such a...

Simple composition

Some pictures with simple composition, i love natural elements like wood marble and rocks also natural light used and...

Going mono to submit for review - any thoughts?

I am in the middle of taking some shots that I am going to submit to a learning site for review. I wanted to get some...

A doctor's desk in the middle of a pandemic

A photo of a doctor's desk, after he was done reading a fatality report during the pandemic, as a still life. I really...

Supporting Our Health System

Spent today putting this together with my ten year old daughter. She wanted to keep awareness raised after this long...

still life with texture

for some prints on canvas I tried some texture overlay

Butterfly and Clementines

I’ve been forced to stay indoors due to terrible weather and play with my new camera but it gave me a chance to explore...

whisky and guitar

4 light set up

Honest Days Work

Had the chance to spend a couple hours on an old local farm.

Captain's Hat

A weathered and dusty captains hat c. 1940's displayed aboard the WWII museum ship American Victory in Tampa, Florida.

Composition and lighting

I know this group isn't very active. Maybe we can change that and inspire folks to post in this genre more often. Here...

Still life might be a carved knick nack.

Something, that sets on a book case in the corner, and I owned this since the early 80's. Carved cork of a house and...

Lost and forgotten?

A cuddle bear left behind on a path... Might a little child have lost the cuddle bear? Or is something worse at stake?

Looking for feedback

Hey there all my name is Colter Haldane and I am super new to photography and looking for constructive critiques on...

Been playing with still life lately

Hi guys! I've been trying some still life shots lately. This is one of my latest. I know this group is not very active...

Still life with two flash units

Hi all, this was more of a learning exercise than anything. I used a bare speedlight against the white background and...

Your thoughts please

Hi all, this is my first attempt at a still life photo and I was hoping to get some cc on it please? Thanks :)

Red bull

What do you thinks about this photo?? :)