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James Dodson's picture

Can anyone give me advice on post processing with this one?

I'm such a newbie. Can anyone tell me where I went wrong with Photoshop on this one?

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Dr J's picture

I cannot give you advice, but I can tell you that is such a special picture. I have been using the same program for many years, and I sill am on a learning curve. Trial and error is the best way I know.

James Dodson's picture

Thank you. It's my family at Christmas and I really want the best album for them. How fragile our egos, right?

Elizabeth Yorick's picture

I haven't even started using Photoshop and I am definitely a newbie also. If it were me and I just wanted that wonderful moment between Dad and daughter, I'm assuming, I would probably crop a little tighter, if you can so grandpa isn't showing, except for maybe his shirt and that I would probably copy the curtain and paste over his shirt.

That said, I love the picture!! You can definitely see the love between the two. Very special!!