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Gareth Storey's picture

My first attempt at a long exposure

Never attempted a long exposure before. So me and a couple of friends went out to ladybower res to shoot the plugholes. What do you guys think? all opininons greatly recieved

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Gerard Burkard's picture

Very nice. Had to google Ladybower to find out where in the world this was.

Leighton Phillips's picture


Stephen Fretz's picture

This is well seen and nicely processed. (The watermark is kinda intrusive, but you gotta do what you gotta do)

Donald Schultz's picture

very well done

Chester Wade's picture

Gareth Storey NICE!!!

Robert Tran's picture

I dig the exposure and the BW treatment. Only suggestion would be to capture the entire plughole in-frame. Having the right side cut-off and no breathing room at the bottom makes the scene incomplete for me.

Dennis de Geest's picture

Great shot, nice BW conversion.