FlexoBliss Reviews – Latest Update 2021

Back agony can be because of an assortment of reasons. A couple of genuine ailments like spinal stenosis (contracting...

ChillBox Portable AC Reviews – Is It Worth Trying?

According to the legitimate website, ChillBox uses the evaporative air-cooling era that takes in warm air & makes...

Gold Dust Day Gecko

A different perspective.

Goodbye "Forever"

I was new here at Fstoppers and only posted 2 photos (in the meantime deleted by me), but was planning to post much...
Last: June 22, 2021

Loving the A7R4 and 100-400GM (Not for low light though)

Here are some recent photos I took with the A7R4 and 100-400 4.5-5.6 G Master lens. These are all cropped at least 50...
Last: June 16, 2021

In the open

Lone Zebra against a bright hazy skyline. I do like these minimalistic and large neg space photos. Cropped it to 3:1...

Lilac Breasted Roller having lunch

EXIF: Sony a1 | Sony 200-600 G | 576mm | 1/3200s | f/6.3 | ISO 1000 Edited: Capture One 21 on M1 MacBook and Topaz Labs...


Peaceful, early morning encounters - Rietvlei Nature Reserve - Pretoria, South Africa

Cooper's Hawk

This dude was perched outside of my patio. Tried to get some shots before he took off.

More Bird Photography Dabbling - Osprey Update

As @Tom Reichner suggested, I went out looking for this osprey's nest since it hangs out around the pond here near my...
Last: June 3, 2021

Red-Winged Black Bird

Male red-winged blackbird sitting on top of an old dead tree in Fontainebleau State Park in South Louisiana.
Last: June 3, 2021

Development or Destruction?

We, the species behaving like the mightiest one on the earth, sometimes forgot to deference the boundaries, in our...
Last: June 3, 2021

Patient bird

I took this photo a couple of days ago while walking on the beach. It was something of a lucky shot because the light...

Wildlife Momemnts

These shots were taken at Outskirts Mysuru, Karnataka, India, 2021.
Last: May 25, 2021

Grizzly Bear Cubs

Two of grizzly 399's cubs playing while mom was busy looking for food.

Bald Eagle over Fontainebleau State Park in South Louisiana

While taking pictures of an Osprey this eagle snuck up from behind to join the photoshoot. The male red-winged...
Last: May 24, 2021

Golden Hour Bears

I've recently got the Sigma 100-400 DG DN for my Sony A7RIV. Been a magnificent combo.
Last: May 23, 2021

Dabbling in Bird Photography

Noticing the recent uptick in bird species in the neighborhood, I've been trying to capture more of them. I was at the...
Last: May 14, 2021

Rare Condors in American Southwest

Had the amazing chance to photograph the iconic California Condor near Glen Canyon Recreation center. ~300 of these...
Last: May 10, 2021

Juvenile Red tailed Hawk

I was looking for ospreys when I ran into this hawk. It was fading light and I am using a Fujifilm Xt3 - XF 100-400.