White tail deer-buck decided to look up while I took the picture.

Gravel Fox



What do you all think.

A Walk Through the Woods

A young mule deer stops briefly for a picture before heading off to catch up with the rest of the herd. Camera: Nikon D...




Just getting some practice with my Sigma 150-600. Here's a pelican.


An Osprey posing


Heron catching a meal

New Holland honeyeater

A mother and her baby after his first flight and crash landing I think. D850, Tamron G2 70-200.

Pictures of a Barred Owl

Pictures of a barred owl taken off the Mandaly Wildlife Refuge trail in Houma, Louisiana. First picture was taken with...

Black Tail Rattlesnake

A Black Tail Rattlesnake was released back into the wild after an overnight observation that was cautious in wanting to...

Amazing details from 12mp D3 sensor

Just reedited an old image that I took on my Nikon D3. Amazing details and colours for a 14 year old, 12 mp sensor...

Egret in Cypress Tree

An egret stands watch on top of a cypress tree in South Louisiana Camera: Nikon D500 Lens: Nikon 200-500mm

You're in My Spot

Brown Pelican chasing a seagull off of an old piling in Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana

Brown Pelican Over Lake Pontchartrain

Brown Pelican flying over Lake Pontchartrain in South Louisiana Camer: Nikon D500 Lens: Nikon 200-500

Ring-billed gull in Florida.

Taken on St George Island, Florida.

Great Blue Heron lifting off.

Taken on St George Island, Florida.

River Otters in Indiana.

First encounter with a pair of river otters in a creek in Indiana. I first thought I was seeing muskrats until I...

Blue Heron landing on buoy

I got this photo of this Blue Heron landing on this buoy.

Canadian Wild Goose

It was a kinda greyish late afternoon more towards the evening when I caught this goose spreading his wings. The detail...