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Hello and welcome! Please feel free to post your questions and discussions, and share your photography - whether it is...
Last: December 27, 2019

Continuous Lights for Portraits

I presently own a speed-light (with model light) with 33" silver deep octa (cum beauty dish) modifier along with set of...
Last: September 10, 2021

Calm Beauty

Sher Mayne makes a beautiful, relaxed pose.
Last: August 27, 2021

Fashion portraits

Here are some photos from my last shoot. Please let me know your thoughts
Last: August 26, 2021

Red beauty

beauty is every were


Photo & Retouch: @mahmoudaphotography Model & MUA: @dressupwithjay
Last: August 15, 2021


Photo & Retouch: @mahmoudaphotography MUA: @mariamwahidd Model : @doaafarid_
Last: August 15, 2021


Photo & Retouch: @mahmoudaphotography MUA: @maieltarzimakeup Model : @nataliadybich

Fine Art Portrait Madeleine

My work is inspired by Renaissance old master paintings so often my lighting and editing style will reflect that look...

Simple beauty look

simple beauty look. Let me know your thoughts...
Last: July 21, 2021


Make-up glamour. A studio session with talented MUA Aya Bissenova @aya_bissenova_mua Photographer: Gary McGillivray-...
Last: July 19, 2021


I got bored with the background white-bricked wall for this image, so I injected colour, creating this vibe with model...
Last: July 19, 2021

Beauty and the Light

A single light - Broncolor Para 133 helped sculpt shadows and highlights of this photo
Last: July 19, 2021


Model: Bea Alborch @beaalborch Photographer: Gary McGillivray-Birnie Location: Dubai, HotColdRental Lighting: One light...
Last: July 18, 2021


Street portrait,2021 Nikon D90+ Nikkor 50mm 1.4G
Last: July 18, 2021

New to the group

Hello :)
Last: July 18, 2021

Model Shoot

Beautiful smile from a talented model.
Last: June 27, 2021

Female Beauty Photographer in India

A.Rrajani is a reputed Female Model Photographer situated in Mumbai, Andheri (West), particularly called the very best...

First timer

Camera: Panasonic S1 Lens: Sigma 105mm Lights: Parabolic + Beauty dish + Octa box This was for a friend of mine that...
Last: June 17, 2021