Red’s Portrait. HDR Manipulation

1 of quite a few in a collection I've had trouble selling. Not a big deal, shot the art mostly for myself and my love...

Spring Bloom in Watercolor

New purple bloom struggling to get through the Rocks and Leaves of last fall.
Last: April 21, 2021


In Norwegian folklore, she is known as huldra ("the [archetypal] hulder", though folklore presupposes that there is an...
Last: March 8, 2021

Stay away from the Fog: the Elizabeth Dane is coming

Hi everyone, I took advantage of a foggy day at the sea to create this image inspired by John Carpenter's The Fog. I...
Last: March 3, 2021

My last photos


'Smoked Up'

A humorous composite for your entertainment.




Last: February 17, 2021

Rose Emerging

Photoshop Watercolor Manipulation and merging with real image

The Angel

Shot with a single light, wings render in Daz3D, clouds shoot in HDR mode and tone compressed in Photomatix Pro,...
Last: February 16, 2021

Stylizing Concert Shot

Playing with the Boris FX Optics plugin in Photoshop to make this concert shot more interesting.

Experimenting with Styles using Optics in Photoshop

Hey all, Possibly this post is useful for this group. Here is a new tutorial showing some stylization, masking, and...

Lady of the Desert

Anastasia visits Monument Valley

Feminine Energy

New self portrait, lit entirely with window light. A black v-flat was used as the backdrop. A small teal chiffon fabric...
Last: January 31, 2021

The Prince with his white parrot.

Photographer : Constantinos Lepouris ( @constantinoslepouris) Model : Dimosthenis Saitis

Hiker in Kazbegi, Georgia.

Taken on a hike in the remote mountains of Georgia. Colours digitally manipulated to evoke a fairytale-like vibe. I...

Bell Bird

Made this one up out of 4 photos took awhile

New year 2 new works

2 really different works , and really different attitude as you can see one is inspired from nekro or kris kuksi

New composite for a recent cosplay project

Model was shot on location. Everything is real, but ground. Ocean floor was rendered in Blender. Then floor render and...

New to Composting and Dramatic images

I recently became a big fan of Joel Grimes. Although my images do not look exactly like his. I do incorporate some of...
Last: January 5, 2021