Mission Objective - 2 & 3

New images from my US army WWII shoot back in july! It's so great to finally produce something dynamic like this series...

Mission Objective

This is probably the biggest project I've shot. I’ve been wanting to do something like this for the longest time...

Sun and Sand

Shot this for my commercial portfolio. I used an acrylic tray over sand, and hard directional lighting to imitate a...


I attended a shoot with models swimming underwater in a glass fronted tank. Stealing a shark from the internet was just...

Canine Portraits

I also posted these for discussion in the dog photography group, but I think I have moved beyond "photography" and more...

Big Adventure

This is a composite I made a while ago, but I have not been active on Fstoppers so I'm uploading some work and this is...

Night Paddler

This is a composite of 5 photos (paddler x3, River, star trails). I was out on the Manistee river in N. Michigan...

Skate boarding

Met Jackie at the Skate park...

The clouds

A seagull flying into the storm

The Eye Film Institute

A few days ago I took another look at creating an image of the Eye film institute with a fine art treatment. Let me...


I find the mast of Tall Ships to be interesting mess of lines that look to be everywhere.

Series of photos "Chameleons".

Series of photos "Chameleon". Shot on Nikon D610 + Sigma 1.4 35mm. More my photos you can see here: - Instagram: www...

Its a Long Journey

What story can you tell about this image? Share your feelings

Fine Art Style Architecture

Hello, introducing my style of editing images of architecture

Love Yourself

My latest composite work on the theme of "Love yourself". Shot in the corner of my studio :)

Renaissance Series

Taking another "creativity break" from my usual wedding work to dig up photos from a shoot I did last year with the...


Shot in studio and composited into one image from adobe stock.

New Queen Was Born...

New Queen just hatched


A Self Portrait

The Floating Horror

We shot this in my studio and it was really quite a simple shoot to do. I had Rebecca position herself on top of a...