Feminine Energy

New self portrait, lit entirely with window light. A black v-flat was used as the backdrop. A small teal chiffon fabric...
Last: January 19, 2021

New year 2 new works

2 really different works , and really different attitude as you can see one is inspired from nekro or kris kuksi

New composite for a recent cosplay project

Model was shot on location. Everything is real, but ground. Ocean floor was rendered in Blender. Then floor render and...

New to Composting and Dramatic images

I recently became a big fan of Joel Grimes. Although my images do not look exactly like his. I do incorporate some of...
Last: January 5, 2021

starting out on compositing

Hi all, Over the lockdowns I have concentrated on learning to composite and wonder what people think and if there is...
Last: January 4, 2021

'New Year's Eve 2020 Celebration'

This surreal concept was created New Years 2020. After a horrid year for most, this is more than likely what the Wild...
Last: January 4, 2021

Moon Road

Composite of two images
Last: January 4, 2021


My digital art experiment (photo manipulation) from my photo shoot with a friend- Joan.
Last: January 2, 2021

Mother Nature's Hideaway

Playing around with that cool tree log again. A surreal image of Mother Nature exiting her secret hideaway.
Last: December 29, 2020


It has been a very long while since I last created a composite. This surreal image is based on the current situation we...

Stylizing Concert Shot

Playing with the Boris FX Optics plugin in Photoshop to make this concert shot more interesting.

Prince with a red panda.

Model : @panagiotispetsas_ Mua : @nicole_k_makeup Agency : @thelegionmgt Headpiece: @efitsimpi_bodyart

Halloween Summoning

Just before I shot Rebecca, I got to shoot her daughter Charli and of course being Halloween, we decided to do...

The Floating Horror

We shot this in my studio and it was really quite a simple shoot to do. I had Rebecca position herself on top of a...
Last: October 28, 2020


Driftwood on the beach

Experimenting with Styles using Optics in Photoshop

Hey all, Possibly this post is useful for this group. Here is a new tutorial showing some stylization, masking, and...

The Photographer

From a suggestion of this self-portrait - I devised a photographers "Mission Impossible" movie poster. All original...

Autumn Witch

took me a bit of time ot finish , and im not still sure if its totally what i want

An Amazing and Unique Kodachrome Transparency by John Neville Cohen

'Painting with light' is a term often used by photographers. But John Neville Cohen used his own invented form of '...
Last: October 8, 2020