Descending Angel - Broadbill hummingbird in AZ, flower 100 miles away, and background in TX

A 3 photo composite, flower, bird, and background. The background was in Big Bend, if I recall properly, the ocotillo...


Any expert retouchers and/or compositers in the group that do this as part time or full time job? Looking to take some...

"Dogwarts" Commissioned Wall Art

I was commissioned to create a Harry Potter wall piece with family dogs. Would love feedback on how to improve my...
Last: December 20, 2019

Exploring compositing and digital painting

I've been exploring in this direction of composite and what I guess is digital painting, though I'd love to know if...

Build your scene

I rarely make this kind of composite stuff because I don't have nerves :) But this time I really realized how much...
Last: December 14, 2019

Rainy Day

This is composite fine art work. The model, broken building and sea storm was separately shoots, combined together. I'...
Last: November 15, 2019

The birch trees

Please check out my latest work. I've boon trying to achieve the moody feel and make photo look like a painting. Will...
Last: November 15, 2019


In celebration of Día de Muertos.

Surreal Reflection

Turning a shot of a reflection into a surreal shot adding some mood to the scene. Any thoughts?
Last: November 2, 2019

Trying to convey a message

I have done a series of images made up from photos I have taken. I am trying to do a pictorial of my years of battling...


My digital art experiment (photo manipulation) from my photo shoot with a friend- Joan.
Last: October 28, 2019

The Lovers: Struggle for Self Love

This is a self portrait about the struggle to love yourself due to outside influences, upbringing or being afraid to...
Last: October 28, 2019

Tiny Worlds: Dogfight

I had this idea of playing with scale and having normally large scenarios, taking place in much much smaller spaces...
Last: October 25, 2019

Product shot - composing experiment

First tries in product photography mixed with composing. Tried to match the colors to the box and added the fruits of...

Experimenting with Sci-fi mood

When I create composites, I really never aim to create something "realistic" talking about colors and lights, I always...
Last: October 22, 2019

Winter Soldier

I've been taking a break for a while and decided to get some work done last night. Here's a composite I did of a Hot...


Shot in studio and composited into one image from adobe stock.
Last: September 12, 2019

Vegas Rules - Concept Movie Poster (Critique Welcome)

I had the idea for this movie poster after reviewing the photos from a recent trip. My friend wanted a picture in his...


Challenge to reproducibility of ignition