Renaissance Series

Taking another "creativity break" from my usual wedding work to dig up photos from a shoot I did last year with the...

Need Critique ?

Does this Sky swap look okay? How can i improve it? THANKS

Ganlet at blue hour

Took a long exposure of a rock in front of a harbour at blue hour. I found the harbour in the background distracting in...

Cosmic Snow

I'm new to the group...all constructive criticism welcomed!


Manipulação, espero que gostem! Instagram: @edinhoe4

Disney Borealis & Golden Borealis

I'm a beginner composit (er)....Hobby photographer for the last 5 years or so, but really want to get in to composites...


Album cover I shot and created this week for a album titled GooPrint using a mixture of digital painting, compositing,...
Last: January 28, 2019

A day in the life of a web head

Decided to do another shot of a good ol' Iron Spider Action Figure Today and thought i would share with the group =)

Athena - Goddess of wisdom and war

This is our 15 year old Siamese cat, not a fierce leopard :P Fooled her with some treats to get this expression then...

Critque Needed

Critique Needed Hi I'm looking for some feedback on a photo I replaced the sky and added the snow, and slightly clouted...

Mobius Arch and Meteor-Milky Way Composite

The composite combines three photos from three different times and locations. The arch is from Alabama Hills shot in...

Renaissance Self-Portrait

As I get into my busy season to work and deliver photos to clients, it sometimes feels draining. I try to take some...
Last: January 10, 2019

Bulgarian Ruins, Israeli Skies...

Sky replacement project. Traveled a long way to reach this magnificent site called Buzludzha
Last: December 15, 2018

Crazy Breakfast

Crazy Breakfast. My children love to prepare my breakfast and I love Peter Pan. This idea came up one sunday morning...
Last: December 14, 2018


I've been doing more and more personal shoots this year with some of my favourite and most talented collaborators! I've...
Last: November 28, 2018

Automata. Japanese action game character.

Simple composite workflow. 3 light setup, Front main & 2 side fills. Yes the tilted background is intentional.
Last: November 22, 2018

First go at a composite

My first go at a composite using a milky way shot and beach sunset shot from the big island of hawaii.
Last: November 20, 2018

learning about lighting and playing with photoshop

Recently saw some pictures where the photographer used model (toy) cars and edited them to look like real cars. Living...
Last: November 20, 2018

All Work and no Play

Here's my latest composite project of a Hot Toys Harley Quinn. Thoughts?
Last: November 6, 2018

Why I turned an alternative model into a Gothic Woman in Black

I've been a big horror fan for years. I blame my mum. She showed me messed up stuff when I was a kid. :-) So, I fancied...
Last: October 9, 2018