Bluesman Charley Sayles at work

Legendary blues harp master, Charley Sayles, performing at the Columbia Pike Blues festival in Arlington, VA.

Lena Scissorhands

Sold out concerts are fun... for the band. A little less fun when you're in the pit. Actually it's not true. I do have...


Leon larregui at Tecate Catrina Music Fest Canon 300mm. 6D Mark II

Holy sun!

First of all this band is amazing to photograph! All the members are very interactive with the audience and move around...

And Action

Not easy shooting in the dark

Sick Of It All

🎶 Peter Koller // Sick Of It All 📷 ---⠀⠀ 9 XI 2019 @ Kwadrat,...
Last: November 18, 2019

Cancer Bats

🎤 Liam Cormier ( Cancer Bats ) 🎶 Cancer Bats ---⠀⠀ 9 XI 2019 @ Kwadrat, Krakó

Halloween sumibu party

Would love some feedback..!

Concert Photography with a crop Sensor Body

Would like everyone's opinion on shooting concerts with a crop sensor body?
Last: November 5, 2019

Latest shots from our 2nd annual "Farm Jam"

I use a Nikon 5100 with a kit lens not the greatest but its all I have!!!. Just wanted your opinion good or bad!!!!
Last: October 29, 2019

color photo or B/W?

Ccolor photo or B/W? Both for me..but mostly I choose black and white photo [its closer to my heart], I think it shows...
Last: October 29, 2019

New Camera and Highly Difficult Concert Shoot

Fujifilm X-T3 35mm f2. Thanks to stage being close to ground level I managed to get these shots, a regular stage would...
Last: October 29, 2019

Shooting my friends at a concert

Last week I went to my friends concert, Bahia Sonica, here's some snaps, hope you like them.
Last: October 11, 2019


Adam "Nergal" Darski // Behemoth --- 6 X 2019 @ Tauron Arena, Kraków © Marcin Świostek

First time shooting something like this

I was shooting a local event for the first time and I enjoyed every second of it.
Last: October 10, 2019


A quick edit of yesterday's Adam "Nergal" Darski of Behemoth. --- 6 X 2019 @ Tauron Arena, Kraków © Marcin Świostek

Couple of in Gig Shots

Wanted to share a couple of shots that have stood out in 4 years of work, although i lost £10,000 worth of work after a...
Last: September 20, 2019

Recent Stuff 2 Korn

Korn at the Woodlands Pavilion Houston
Last: September 20, 2019

Recent Stuff

Just sharing, nothing more - Behemoth, Slipknot & KISS, picked up what I refer to as my Toyota Center Toy, a Sigma...

Tips on shooting low light with F4-f5.6

did my first gig shoot, but found that my lens may need upgraded, currently using 55-250 f4 and 18-55 f4 with canon...
Last: September 15, 2019