First Concert Photos

Hi everyone, I'm a touring musician with a love for photography and recently bought some gear which I now take with me...
Last: August 30, 2019

What are you looking for when shooting artist?

First up: I love this group and all the input I get from you guys. But I also feel kinda bad for my own pictures...
Last: August 22, 2019

Taking Back Sunday

Taking Back Sunday live at The Fillmore in Detroit
Last: August 22, 2019

Red Sun Rising - Rock on The Range 2018

Taken on a cheap LG smartphone from a backstage overlook. Management said it was the best photo ever taken of the band...
Last: August 22, 2019

Music Aid for Emergency and Los Quinchos

Music Aid for Emergency and Los Quinchos is a local music festival which takes place each year in South Tyrol - Italy...
Last: August 22, 2019

Fist post in this group! Shooting Local indie rock act Beta Camp

So a question to get some discussion going... How important are natural or close to natural skin tones while editing...
Last: August 22, 2019

A Few of Slightly Stoopid

A few shots of the reggae band "Slightly Stoopid" from Ocean Beach CA. Feel free to leave comments.

First post here, feedback welcome

Shot a small duet concert for an outdoor summer series and tried to leverage the late summer light for some decent...

Instagram Pod

I'm looking to start a small but active instagram pod for fellow concert photographers, who's interesred!? :)
Last: August 11, 2019

Just starting out...

Just wanted to share with you some of my concert photos. I’m looking for a better indoor concert camera if anyone can...

New Concert Photography App

I am currently developing an app that would make it easier for concert photographers to find work, get paid, and gain...
Last: July 22, 2019

Rock Fiddler

The guys on chose my Image to critique in this weeks episode of 'Critique the Community' segment. Their...

Within Temptation

Sharon den Adel // Within Temptation // Mystic Festival --- 26 VI 2019 @ Tauron Arena, Kraków © Marcin Świostek

Go add your best photos!

Our genre is up on Critique the Community, so let's get uploading!
Last: July 2, 2019

Lukc combs from New York 2019

Beer never broke my heart #tour #2019 #ShootFromThePit #concertPhotography #Photography #Country #Music #beer

Calexico at Etown

From a taping of Etown, last year. Jacob Valenzuela, on the horn, and I believe, Joey Burns, in the background.

Doing the best I can with a crop sensor Rebel

Canon Rebel T3i f 4.0 iso 3200 1/80 sec I am on a tight budget, and only recently got the t3i for $250 on ebay. But it...
Last: May 12, 2019

Face of an Angel

This photo was taken in my home town, near my home I was looking for birds, suddenly i show 4 years old child playing,...

Saturday Song

A shot of Tex taken at a small Saturday concert.

Mainstage at Sunday

This picture is just a shot of the Mainstage at a small Festival in Germany. Nothing to fancy, but I like the colors...
Last: March 28, 2019