Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown

House of Blues

Pink Spiders

The great Pink Spiders at the Masquerade Purgatory in Atlanta earlier this year. Sony A7III 70-200 f/2.8 and that place...

Emily Moon of Starbenders

Revention Music Center, When the band came on stage they were gather around Emily's drum kit, with the lead singers...

Sneakers, Depeche Mode Tribute Band Live

They were playing around town, got a few shots while attending the gig, here's one.

Deserted Fear

German band Deserted Fear earlier this week. ☆ 30.07.2018 @ Klub Kwadrat, Kraków, Poland ☆ More: www.marcinswiostek.com...

Brent Smedley of Iced Earth

Brent Smedley of Iced Earth. ☆ 16.07.2018 @ Klub Kwadrat, Kraków, Poland ☆ More: www.marcinswiostek.com or link in my...

Fan Fist Bump

Tango Down bassist fist bumping a fan! IL, 2017


The band Dope from a 2017 performance at Bigshots in northwest Indiana. Got no pay but I was fortunate enough to have...

Per Nilsson

Per Nilsson touring with Meshuggah. 5.06.2018 @ Klub Kwadrat, Kraków, Poland I knew it was going to be a tough concert...

Justice concert

Took my camera for the first time to a concert, exposure and focusing was challenging because of all the lighting...


Polish black metal Batushka last weekend. More: http://www.marcinswiostek.com/concert/batushka/


John and Joey Kelly of The Kelly Family. --- Technical note: the shot was made with 200mm f/4 Pentacon lens and 2x M42...
Last: April 9, 2018

Markus Vanhala of Insomnium

I'm not a big fan of this kind of shots, but one every now and then is fine. ;)

Attila + Insane Clown Posse

My first show. Be gentle.

From Musink 2018

Just wanted to throw these up

Just want to say hi ...

Just wanted to say hi ... new to Fstoppers & new to this group. What I seen so far some amazing photos !
Last: March 16, 2018

What was the most challenging concert you shot?

This was my first time at this venue which is basically a dark small hall in the back of a pub in a post-industrial...

Tiff Ginn

This is my first time posting to this group!! Very new to this site. This is a shot of Tiff Ginn who was singing with...

Various Concert Photos

I am new to the group and just wanted to post some of my work and hopefully get some critiques from other photographers!
Last: March 6, 2018

Hi There.

I've just joined the group and wanted to say hi. There's a lot of terrific work in this group (from what I have sen so...