Afro couture

When African Fashion meets nature and fabric, magic is born. When I shot these, the aim was to showcase traditional...

Darkness in light

Find the light in parking garages when darkness is around. Lighting: available natural light, "no flash used". Location...

Rock'n Bella - l

From a swimwear shooting in Cape Town

Mission Objective - 2 & 3

New images from my US army WWII shoot back in july! It's so great to finally produce something dynamic like this series...

Megan in black opera gloves

Megan reached out for a shoot. When we discussed styling, she wanted a look that was a modern version of old Hollywood...


Shot this in a burned out house . It was about reaching your mental breaking point and just keep going.

Alex soft and pretty

Most of Alex's portfolio is strong poses in bikinis. She reached out to me and asked if we should shoot something "soft...

Harley in a tulle ball gown

We shot this tulle gown in my studio and got some great fashion images. I thought it'd be fun to get some rooftop...

Continuous Lights for Portraits

I presently own a speed-light (with model light) with 33" silver deep octa (cum beauty dish) modifier along with set of...

Worrior Queen

Mary Celeste models during a photo shoot near Richmond, VA.

Portrait of my daughter

Taken in the moat of the Castillo de San Marcos in Saint Augustine, Florida. It was a very overcast day, great soft...

Visited a local botanical garden

Really been trying to do more work with models over the past few weeks. Definitely need to learn more about posing...

Alina in the lake

Usually its hard to get models in the water, but with the recent heatwave, Alina was happy to give it a go.

Nikki's eyes

Nikki had never shot an editorial and asked if we could do that. We chose Planes, Trains & Automobiles as a theme...

Nature Portrait

This is a portrait with beautiful waterfall.

Can you tell me about co-founder capitalization

Hey friend, thanks for the beautiful article. Today I am here because I was reading very well about the co-founder...

It's All Golden

Lindsi posed for me on Crystal Beach in Galveston County Texas. ISO200. 38MM on a 24-70MM Canon Lens. F3.2 at 1/1600sec...


Street portrait,2021 Nikon D90+ Nikkor 50mm 1.4G

Nikki's Strawberry Martini

Nikki and I have worked together a few times. She reached out to shoot once I re-opened after the Covid shutdown. This...

What Will Happen to Your Body If You Start Eating Oats Every Day

CATEGORY: health STORY Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, they say. So corny, isn't it? However,...