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Last: April 29, 2020

Just a drop away

Beautiful skin......just a drop away Model: Ushasi Sinha @ushasisinha Photographer: Gary McGillivray-Birnie @...

Dark Light

Portrait of Zahra - Summer 2020

Johnnie Blue 🥃

Second photo shoot is in the books. I received some really good feedback from my first shoot relating to lighting. I...
Last: August 26, 2020

2 Headshots From My First Portrait Shoot! Shot in studio with one light.

Captured the essential educator with the Canon EOS R5. Looking to get better, any feedback/pointers would be greatly...
Last: August 23, 2020


Natural Light Why are the underground carparks great for this front lit shot? Model: Amylee @amylee_gowan Photo: Gary...


Model: Anel @ks_models_atyrau Photographer: Gary McGillivray-Birnie @mcgillivraybirniephotography Lighting: using a...

Beauty in many forms

Beauty in many forms M: Diana Ph: Gary McGillivray-Birnie @mcgillivraybirniephotography MUA: Aya @aya_bissenova_mua...


Shot with a Sony A7r IV. 85mm @5.6 One constant light through a parabolic modifier.
Last: August 13, 2020

Red experiment

Did a portrait session with one light. What do you think of this mood?
Last: August 13, 2020


Portrait of Parastoo
Last: July 20, 2020

Dreaming of Summer

Natural window light Photo: Gary McGillivray-Birnie @mcgillivraybirniephotography Model: Valentina @valentina.lyuche...
Last: July 8, 2020

Bella's new headshot

Bella came over to shoot white looks on black backgrounds and black looks on white backgrounds. We were just about done...

Barbershop headshots

Some shots from a series of photos/videos I did for a barbering academy.


Waiting Model: Jenna Elisabeth @jenna_elisabeth_ Photo: Gary McGillivray-Birnie @mcgillivraybirniephotography Natural...

Where am I

Downtown Melbourne, Australia with mother of all natural light. RAW was processed using Capture One Pro, then further...
Last: June 24, 2020


Underground carpark providing this natural front lit shot Model: Amylee @amylee_gowan Photo: Gary McGillivray-Birnie @...
Last: June 24, 2020

Stay Safe

This is image was shot by NCourage photography and I had a pleasure of retouching it.
Last: June 24, 2020