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Giulio Roman's picture

South Tyrol, Italy

Sunset in Aschbach, South Tyrol, Italy.

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EL PIC's picture

Hmmm .. to me the Sun is in front of hills.

Chris Jablonski's picture

Very uplifting image, Giulio! Almost enough to make one a Believer. ;-) It makes me want to breathe in deeply that fresh mountain air.

Ruth Carll's picture

While I agree that the image has a lovely overall feeling, I also agree with EL that the sun is an issue. If it is real, and you can pull it back a bit, great. If it is a fake flare, I'd love to see you post a side by side without it. You can add and image to the original with the edit option.

Overall though - great color, fabulous depth and composition.

Looking forward to more Giulio!

Giulio Roman's picture

The sun is real. Here you see another picture that was shot couple of minutes later (it's missing some post processing). I like the one with the sun more though. What do you think?

Ruth Carll's picture

Tough one! I think I like the sun one as well. But I wouldn't mind seeing this processed. it is very soft and pretty! It is the rays of the sun in the first one that are so dominant that you almost miss the castle. We need Joe Cole to chime in about this!

Chris Jablonski's picture

I think it's a bit ordinary without the sun, even though it's so dominant in the main image. That's what makes it interesting, especially given its location above the church, like a blessing from on high. The man-made structure NOT dominating the image as usual adds to the appeal for me; just like Ruth, I missed it at first.

Shawn Mahan's picture

Nice scene Guilio. It will be hard to pull the sun exposure down, it is probably already almost to the right side on the histogram. Instead, you could try to bring up the church and hill shadows just a little bit more. ? Thanks for sharing! Looks like it was a great place to watch the sunset.

Giulio Roman's picture

Thanks. The church and the highlights on the grass nearby have already been dodged a little bit. I did not want to make them look unreal so i stopped processing them.

joseph cole's picture

i like the sun star but i would do a composite of the 2 you have shown us to make for a cleaner shot as some of the image looks odd like the church...it would have most likely been in shadow and when brightened through whatever means it doesn't look right...marring the 2 will also help to clean up the excess lens flare bottom right hand corner and the scene will become clearer i would also recommend using some graduated filters to bring out the top portion of the star and on the landscape so it isn't so washed out
also a 16x9 crop would look better

Giulio Roman's picture

Thanks for taking the time to write these suggestions. I did not understand, however, a couple of things. From my understanding you already have something very precise in mind about how to improve the post processing, I might guess it, but since I'm so novice I need a more verbose explanation.

1. you also agree that the church should pop more, right?

2. you wrote that brightening up the church makes it look weird, but wouldn't be worse compositing two shots that were made under completely different light conditions? I'm not referring to white balance, i know it can be changed for portions of the composite, but i'm referring to highlights on the grass around the church, on the roof and the tower.

3. are you talking about real gnd filters or software ones like (i suppose) those in lightroom? how would you position the filter, on the bottom half or the top half?

joseph cole's picture

1. church should just look more natural in color/hue currently looks washed out "popping doesn't necessarily mean brighter.
2. yes light will change but that's where the artistry comes into play and make 2 scenes look like they are 1 by layering the 2 and erasing only what you need from the secondary image and keeping the primary at 100%
3. software...i would bring 1 straight down from top and 1 from bottom left corner towards the church

Giulio Roman's picture

I was able to blend the sun burst from the first image in the second one, and adding some orange colour in the grass. Thanks again for your suggestions