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cyndi shannon's picture

Moody Sunflowers

I grabbed this capture last June, outside of Dallas Texas. I love the juxtaposition between the grey, moody sky, and the bright sunflowers.

Sony Alpha 9
Sigma 105 mm

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John Pless's picture

nice. The problem that I have is your brightest area is out of focus. a little time dodging and burning to get the middle ground lighter than the foreground would make for a more pleasing picture

cyndi shannon's picture

I get that. I was attempting to be artistic. as you can see, the flowers in back are what are in focus. I shot it on F1.4, purposely. I have a ton. Most were all in focus. I appreciate the feedback

John Pless's picture

i get the artistic part, I am just saying that you need to make the in focus part also be the lightest part

cyndi shannon's picture

oh, I completely understood, lol. thank you again for the critique. I agree with you

Edward Hudgeons's picture

I like your use of DOF. It is a very moody feeling photo.