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Mariano de Miguel's picture

Sunset on the south rim of the Grand Canyon

I struggle with the extreme contrasts of this majestic landscape

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Russell Maddrey's picture

I just got back from the Grand Canyon and I absolutely love this image. I too struggled with trying to capture its grandeur. The yellows from the sky, rocks bathed in sun, and the trees in the foreground contrast the hazy blues in the canyon perfectly. Well done.

Mariano de Miguel's picture

Absolutely! We first arrived at Mather Point: I was stunned speechless. That emotion! So vast, so deep! The first thing that came into my head was " how the hell am I ever going to to get even close to sharing this on an image!?"
Thank you Russel for sharing your excitement with me.

Joey Hamner's picture

Great shot..I spent 7 days running from the north rim across the desert to the grand staircase. One of the most amazing places i've ever been!