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Twilight on the Coast of Oregon

Seascapes are my favorite type of photography. Nothing like some moody light and iconic piles of rock on the Oregon Coast!

Nikon D850
Nikon 14-24 @24mm
ISO 200 / f8.0 / 1/5"

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Peter Dyndiuk's picture

Wonderful composition and the soft lighting works really well here!

I might consider cropping out a bit of the foreground, but that's just me.

Love the capture! Seascapes are such wonderful subjects.

Jordan Inglee's picture

Thanks for the CC Peter! I do have a 4x5 crop that feel s a little better, but I'm still always partial to 4x6

Jordan Inglee's picture


Peter Dyndiuk's picture

Its worthy either way; I would go with the crop that best fits the area you are going to hang it :)

Dylan Miller's picture

I've been here! Is this Pacific City, or Klamath?

Jordan Inglee's picture

The first one ;)

Sushma Mishra's picture

superb colors