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Against All Odds

A few weeks ago, I was out chasing waterfalls in the NC mountains when I happened to see this single tree clinging onto the side of the rock. I still don't really understand how the tree has survived for this long, but somehow it seems to be thriving in an environment were it shouldn't.

As always, CC is greatly appreciated!

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Peter Dyndiuk's picture

I think this is a quite compelling image, the lighting really captures your attention - I quite like the image!

If you evened out the "apparent" exposure on the tree - by adding a half stop on the upper portion I think that may create a better draw to the main subject.

Otherwise the colors and lighting are wonderful.

Mark Guinn's picture

Thanks for the tip! I'll definitely try this. Honestly, that tree quickly became a pain when I started editing... Something about the light made it just blend into the rock behind it.