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Sunset over the Lake

These were taken with a Nikon D500 and the Nikon 16-80mm lens.
I very rarely use this lens, not cause there is a problem with it, but I typically either use my Nikon 200-500mm or Nikon 60mm macro.

I decided to to play around with the 16-80mm, and also mess around with the aperture and shutter speed (I have ISO set to auto).

First picture: ISO 640 f/27 1/6400sec
Sec. picture: ISO 2200 f/22 1/6400sec

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Terry Rogers's picture

nice shot

Gerry Frederick's picture

Great photos nice timing

Joey Hamner's picture


Evan Douglas's picture

Lovely shot and perfectly lined up. I would recommend trying to slow down your shutter speed to get the water smoothed out a bit next time your at this location.

Joey Hamner's picture

Thanks for the tip Evan! I'm usually around that location at least once a week, so i'll make sure to give that a try.

Evan Douglas's picture

I cant wait to see the results!