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The grandeur of waterfalls

The heat broke today in northern Utah(temporally) with temps in the mid-70s...heaven. Considering that on Saturday we are back into the 90's and on Monday a high of 102F, today was THE day for a hike. We had never been to this particular trail and arrived 30 minutes later than we wanted because of bad GPS directions.Still my wife and I were excited to try a new hike. It was an 8 mile hike and we had been warned the last mile leading up to the waterfall was tough, and it was as we climbed over a very rocky path and gained nearly 1500 ft, yikes! But it was all worth the pain as we finally arrived at our destination, one of the most stunning waterfalls we've ever witnessed! It roared like a train and this tree just set it off...the Grandeur of Waterfalls.

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Thanks Darin!

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Sounds like a good camera trek Great photo

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Cheers Gerry!

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Great composition! A lot of people are afraid to get in too tight. This captures the landscape without needing to show all of it.

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Thanks Dylan!

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