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A different type of sunset picture

Would love your thoughts. Had perfect conditions and felt extremely inspired.

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Ron Williams's picture

The current trend is to smooth the water with a long exposure. Here water is the way we actually see it. I like it. The rocks at the bottom need a little more shadow detail. Nice photo.

Sushant Anand's picture

Thank you, I did realize that but much later. I'm going adding more shadow detail on the rocks.

Vijay Mewada's picture

Hi Sushant. I appreciate the thought of capturing backlit wave in high speed with sun. i also understand the difficulties in setting up and capturing such frame. i liked the DOF.

Since asked to, just scratching a bit more. As sun and waves are both important element of this story, perhaps the sun could have been shown completely free of the wave water or shown through the wave but scaled up to finally leading the vision and hold there. smaller disturbances of the highlights at the foreground.

irrespective, a great frame with good colour dominance.

Sushant Anand's picture

Thanks so much for your helpful comments Vijay. Do you mean I should have removed the drops of water while editing? Also wonder how the picture might look if the sun also had prominence. Reason I didn't think that was because the background is quite out of focus. Normally people would look at this as a sunset, but I was trying to drive in the point to focus on the little droplets.

Could you also share more on what you mean by scaling up and finally leading the vision (to the sun)?

Vijay Mewada's picture

Just my opinion.

... Different shooting position perhaps.
... Varied compositions. For me, in present frame wave is not getting its hero attention. it's getting lost in composition, in tonality.
... Zoom factor + camera position + DOF for last note in your response.

just few thoughts. we constantly evolve and field uncertainties teach us a lot. Happy clicking.

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Totally Vijay and I can't express how much I appreciate that you took time to share your thoughts. Seriously, it's the best way for me to learn right now. I'm going to internalize it and see if I can adjust things when I shoot next.

Vijay Mewada's picture

There will be many opinions. Evaluate and choose whatever is making sense to you..

Sushant Anand's picture

Yep for sure. I "feel" I have an eye for it but not the science down yet. So I can't express myself well enough -- just reading the critiques is helping me understand what to look for.