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Last Light on the Bear's Lodge

Bear's Lodge is an Indian name for what most of us know as Devils Tower.

Sometimes I do get to places just when God's ready to have somebody click the shutter. - Ansel Adams

It had been mostly overcast most of the evening. My wife and I had gone to this location in hopes that at sunset there might be some light sneak under the cloud cover. I had my rig sat up waiting. It was almost as God was saying, "Wait..., wait..., wait, now watch this." This light only lasted about 4 minutes at the most.

This is an 8 x 14 ft wall mural (29,625 x 52,705 pixels) made up of 70 individual shoots with a Canon R5, 300mm lens at f/11, 1/15th sec., ISO 100. Stitched using PTGui and final processing in Photoshop.

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Very nice!

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Great photo

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Wow! Nicely done! Is this that mountain featured in that move Close Encounters of the Third Kind?

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The vision to be able to "see" the final image while taking a 70 shot composite is incredible to me! Great job!