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Eric Thiessen's picture

Sacred Haven

Here is a beautiful canyon along the west coast of Vancouver Island. In winter, the sun aligns itself with the entrance to the canyon and produces some incredible light rays. The light did all the work in this photo, so I simply backed all the way up and found a nice foreground frame where the canyon walls cradled the scene.
I hope you enjoy!

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Chris Jablonski's picture

Beautiful, Eric! It's certainly "different", a striking and unusual image. What's the scale here? It's hard to tell if you're looking down from many feet up, or getting your feet splashed (and must have REALLY "backed all the way up").

Eric Thiessen's picture

Thanks Chris! This is shot at 14mm, so in reality this canyon is about 25 feet long if i were to guess. And yes, there is a wayerfall directly behind me, so i was getting a bit soaked

John Pless's picture

absolutely awesome light coming in the end of the canyon. Nice job

Thomas McWilliam's picture

Love this, Eric. Evokes the feeling of fire and ice; opposing forces and opposed in your composition. Great stuff.

James Cowman's picture

This is absolutely stunning!

Tom Kinkel's picture

Great image feels almost 3D , very mystical and dream like .Well done !