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Morning moments in Rehweiler Germany. The fog gives everything a feel and look this is pure magic...field.

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brokenlandphotography's picture

A lower stance with a less back ground would have offered more depth of field and deeper shadows. Possibly the use of a ND or Polarization filter would have helped this shot. I suspect that if you adjust the "haze" value, the image tones and plant separation would be darker.

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Cheers.. All a matter of taste really but thank you for your comment.

Chris Jablonski's picture

Love this one, Mark, just as is. It reminds me of Hiroshi Sugimoto's seascapes. You have a way with moody monochrome landscapes.

I was about to say that for some reason your German images tended to be particularly good in this regard - BEFORE I read your text that this IS a German image! Honestly. Maybe it's the softer light, but the difference has struck me for a long time in your work, as some of your north American images don't grab me as much as the earlier German work I first noted you posting.

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Thanks Chris! Germany was far far more atmospheric. Moody mornings of mist/fog were very common and I do miss those mornings here in Utah. The air in Utah and the west is far dryer, the light harsher but it is high desert.