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Sireneland (Land of the Sirens)

This is one of my more recent images, but probably the one I am currently most proud of.

I recently started my web shop selling limited edition fine art photographs, and this was the first product I placed online. So far I have sold 2.

It is from a place called Randkløve on the Danish Island of Bornholm. A place with quite spectacular nature by Danish standards. 20 second exposure.

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Thomas McWilliam's picture

Beautiful, dreamy photo Peter. It really takes you away.

Chris Jablonski's picture

Good work, Peter! You've created a rather other-worldly atmosphere here. I like the way your composition "points" into the void.
Not surprised it's a seller. Do more! Its abstract quality takes it a level beyond your portfolio images to date, for my tastes. It shows your work is evolving.