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Geoff Guthrie's picture

Mt Cook Reflections

Winter sunset reflections the Hooker Lake beneath Mt Cook on a crisp winter evening in June.
Mt Cook National Park New Zealand

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Chris Fowler's picture

This is simply amazing!

Geoff Guthrie's picture

Thanks Chris....hoping to get back there before our winter in over.

Eric Zaal's picture


Geoff Guthrie's picture

Thanks Eric. Luckily there was great colours....although they were only in a five minute window.

Marius van Dyk's picture


Geoff Guthrie's picture

Thanks Marius. Timing is everything, not very often you get the colours.

Ron Williams's picture

This is an excellent use of symmetry and reflection. I like!

Geoff Guthrie's picture

Thanks Ron....was very lucky with the weather. Very little wind....in spring it will be windy a lot of the time.

Robert Tran's picture

The term, "epic" is often overused, however, I think it plays well here. Fantastic shot and glad your effort was rewarded.

Geoff Guthrie's picture

Thanks Robert. Certainly going to get this one printed and on the wall.