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David Brophy's picture

Breaking Dawn

After several early morning trips I finally found the right light and atmosphere for this little boat in a place known as Chapel's Cove in Newfoundland.

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Charles Mercier's picture

Great photo! But I prefer it with much less empty sky.

David Brophy's picture

Thanks for the feedback!

darin gabbert's picture

I think that your patience was rewarded. As for the sky, perhaps a crop just along the ridge-line might work? Regardless, gorgeous shot (I wish that I had taken it!).

David Brophy's picture

Thank you for the feedback and suggestion!

Ashish Tamhane's picture

Very nice shot David!

I agree that the wooden stump at the lower right side is a bit distracting but thats ok I feel.

David Brophy's picture

Thank you Ashish! I like the original also. It is awesome to get the feedback and different views on what I could have done differently or done better. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I truly appreciate it.

Brian Cover's picture

Very nice. I like it much better than the 2 altered images offered by the critics. I don't think cropping the sky adds anything, I tried cropping it and comparing that with the original found no improvements in my opinion. Very nice work. I like the reflection in the water with the fog/ mist. It's not empty space, it is adding to the mood. Without it, you would have a boring pic of just another boat. Again, very nice work.

David Brophy's picture

Thank you for your honest feedback Brian. And thank you also for taking the time to comment. I am about half and half on the changes. I liked the rope and the stump at the right but the grass bugged me a bit. Flipping the frame did nothing for me personally and I liked the original comp better. That said, so much of this photography addiction is personal preference. Thanks once again for your kind comments and for taking the time to do so. Much appreciated!