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D800 & 24-70. Comments welcome

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Beautiful setting

Vijay Mewada's picture

Hi Jeff, Sharing my opinion as asked. Your choice of elements is very good. Look and feel is inviting.

*at the very first, the composition cuts off the reflection in water?? That could be the focus of attention, the very soul of this frame. * Extent of warm tone with fog looks little artificial to me. * Red ring catches attention as disturbance. * I feel another framing element is needed at the right to balance the strong dark tree branch at left. forces my attention to leave the frame. * at available opportunity, the structure could have been free of tree branches. * halfway, waves seen in water. Aim could be to have undisturbed water for good reflection. *Eyes usually gets drawn to the light. Left dark tree branch covers the sun highlight. a different composition could be opted. *Whenever you choose, you may think of compositing 2 or more frames to have photo art frame. *Mundane, the tonality need little upliftment.

Happy clicking !!