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New to Landscape -- Feedback Appreciated

Hi Folks,

I've only ever dabbled in landscape photography and would be grateful for any feedback on this photo. My feeling is that the image is on the right track, but I lack the experience to know what might take it up a notch. The photo was captured just after sunrise with a Canon 6D, 24-70mm lens at 24mm, f/11, ISO 100, 122 sec. My boys and I paddled and portaged across five lakes in southwest Ontario to this spot, where we camped and fished for several days. Thanks in advance for any constructive criticism.


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Hi Justin, Congrats on a lovely shot. From my perspective here's what i would do to improve it:

1. Boost the warmth, there's still some great color left in the shot.
2. The rock on the right is still a little too dark. Lighten it up to balance the exposure out.
3. Decide what your main subject is, it could be the rocks, the sky or the lake, then compose for it. For instance if it is the rocks then compose lower so that the horizon is in the top third of the shot.

I love the reflections, very well executed, looks like a wonderful location.

Hope that helps,


Justin Goodson's picture

Thanks Matt!