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Mike Anderson's picture

Black Racer

I'm fairly new to photography and I'm very interested in nature and wildlife photography so that's what I've been focusing on. It'd be great if I could get some feedback on my beginning photographs that may make my work stronger in the future. Thanks!


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Ryan Mense's picture

What I like about this image is that it shows the snake in its environment. Increasing the focal length might reveal more detail in the snake, but the wildlife closeup shot is something we've all seen hundreds of times. What's more interesting to me, and many photographers, is presenting the animal within a compositionally strong environment. I think you have a good start with this.

Mike Anderson's picture

Thanks for the feedback, Ryan. I'm not really sure how to take wildlife photography to a place no one has seen before but I'm always hoping that aha moment will hit me. I'll keep in mind the next time I'm out shooting that the environment can be just as important as the subject. Thanks!

Michel Nguyen's picture

Totally agree! I like this pic as the snakes was put in its natural environment and you were capturing a very dangerous moment :D

Narrow down the space can make it more attractive.

john wallace's picture

Nice pic. I think a crop highlighing the eyes of the snake would improve the image. The out of focus branch is a little distracting and your eyes are drawn to it rather the the snake. Try a closer crop on the snake.