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Bill Peppas's picture

The Time Traveler

Should I make the ship and the sea a little bit darker ?
I'm struggling on this matter


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Ryan Mense's picture

I think it looks about where I'd leave it. Maybe darkening the back half of the ship very slightly to accentuate the depth and further draw the eye to the interesting texture at the front of the ship.

Bill Peppas's picture

hmmm, darkening the back of the ship, interesting idea.
I'll give it a try in a bit :)

Mike Dixon's picture

I like it! I think the sea is just right, however the horizon is slightly off level.

Bill Peppas's picture

The horizon might be slightly off, usually I double check, both with the spiti levels on the tripod and the in-camera horizon level indicators, it might be an optical illusion from the difference of the distance to the land in the background ( it's curvy ).

I might experiment with it a little more in the forthcoming days

Patrick Luchsinger's picture

I like the Idea of darkening the back of the ship. Have you thought about lightening the front of the ship a bit? I really like that rusty texture, but it just seems to dark to my eye.

Bill Peppas's picture

I'll do it tomorrow, darken the back, brighten the front, let's see!